How to Replace Office Fluorescent Lights With White LED Tubes

Updated February 21, 2017

The standard office fluorescent lighting is called a T8 tube, and is common and familiar in virtually every office setting. They are efficient and are cost-effective compared with a standard incandescent bulb, but a newer, more efficient light bulb is now available. Its called the white T8 LED tube, and it will cost, on average, 35 per cent less to use and has an expected 10-year life expectancy. These are direct replacement lights, and will fit right into any office T8 fixture.

Turn off the switch to the fixture where the bulb will be replaced. Remove the cover of any standard fluorescent T8 fixture, if applicable. Most are held on by plastic gravity clips that can be squeezed together and then pulled straight off.

Gently grab and twist the fluorescent light bulb one-half turn so the electrical contact pins on each end release, then pull it out and away. Place it off to the side.

Line the twin electrical connecting pins of the LED tube with the receptacles on both sides of a standard T8 fluorescent fixture, slide the LED tube into place, then turn the bulb one-half turn to lock it into position. Flip the light switch on and light up the office.


LED T8 tubes can also be used for T10 and T12 applications, and can be found either online or at a lighting store.

Things You'll Need

  • White T8 LED light tubes
  • Ladder
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