How to Play Memory Sticks on a DVD Player

Updated February 21, 2017

DVD players are not restricted to playing videos only off of discs--an external storage device can be plugged in and accessed from a USB connection as well. Play a video off a Sony memory stick, even though the DVD player does not have a connection compatible with the proprietary memory card. A Memory Stick USB adaptor, acquired from a hobby shop or video game store, will enable the memory stick to be connected to the DVD player so that the player can access the video as if it was a USB device attached. No physical modification will be made to either the memory stick or the DVD player.

Insert the slotted end of the Memory Stick that has a video on it into the slot at the end of the Memory Stick USB adaptor. The Memory Stick can only be inserted one way into the adaptor so do not force the slotted end in.

Plug the USB connector on the Memory Stick USB adaptor into the USB port on the DVD player, for example, inside the front access panel of an Oppo Digital DV-970HD DVD player.

Turn on the DVD player using its remote control. Press "Menu" on the remote control.

Move through the onscreen icons at the top of the Menu screen until you come to "Video." Select the "Video" icon. Select "USB" from beneath "Video." Select the icon of a USB drive that appears beneath "Video."

Push right on the remote's direction pad to select the video file that is in the Memory Stick. Press the "OK" button at the centre of the remote to bring up two choices beneath the video file.

Select "Playback." Press "OK" to start the video playing from the Memory Stick.


A DVD player that is designated for photos only from the USB port has the slower 1.1 USB technology which is not fast enough to work with video on a memory card.

Things You'll Need

  • Memory Stick USB adaptor
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