How to Connect an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller to a New Xbox

Updated July 20, 2017

The Xbox 360 was the first Microsoft console to support wireless controllers right out of the box. It ships with a single wireless controller that has an approximate battery life of about 56 hours. In order for an Xbox to recognise a wireless controller, it must first be synced to the console. Up to four controllers can run simultaneously for multiplayer gaming. By syncing your wireless controllers, you can say goodbye to wires.

Press the "Power" button on the Xbox 360 to start up the console.

Press the oval-shaped button located on the back of the controller. The rectangular battery cover will open, allowing you to place two AA batteries into the correct slots. Follow the diagram located on the battery cover.

Close the battery cover.

Press and hold the Xbox "Guide" button, located on the centre of the controller. The green LED lights should begin to flash.

Press the small, circular "Sync" button on the Xbox 360 console; it is located to the left of the power button. The LED lights will begin moving in a clockwise motion.

Press the small, circular "Sync" button located on the back of the wireless Xbox 360 controller. The LED lights located near the Xbox guide button will begin moving in a clockwise motion. After a few seconds, both the LED lights on the console and the LED lights on the controller will flash, indicating your controller has been successfully connected to the Xbox 360 console.


When connecting a new Xbox 360 controller, remain on the Xbox dashboard. It is recommended that the controller you are attempting to sync have 50 per cent or more battery life. If the LED lights located around the Xbox "Guide" button are moving in a circular motion before you press the "Sync" button, the controller has low battery power. Change the batteries. Each controller needs to be synced to the console only one time. The Xbox 360 console must be on before you attempt to sync a controller.

Things You'll Need

  • Batteries
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