How to convert xls to dxf

Updated March 23, 2017

DXF, which stands for Drawing Exchange Format, is a file type used in AutoCAD programs. AutoCAD is a design software commonly used by architects. Your XLS (Microsoft Excel) file may contain elements, such as charts and text, that you want to manipulate in AutoCAD—if so you need to transform it into DXF format first.

Export the XLS file to DBF format using Ransen's Pointor software (see the link in the Reference section). This program identifies points in Excel then uses them to draw diagrams in DXF format. Copy and paste the coordinates into the Pointor dialogue box, adjust the "DXF Options" to your needs, then click "OK" to view your resulting DXF file. You can try out a demo version of the program before purchasing. You need Windows to operate the demo or paid version.

Convert the XLS file to a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat software (click "Create PDF" on the Excel toolbar), then upload the PDF file to Aide CAD (see the link in the Reference section). Aide CAD changes the pages of the newly converted file to DXF format. Add your file to the project list, choose a folder, then click "Convert" to add the DXF file to your hard drive. This software works on Windows operating systems.

Use visual basic code to perform the conversion. This method will allow you to perform the conversion from Excel. Download the visual basic code from FreeVBCode. Launch the Visual Basic Editor, located on Excel's Developer menu, then import the code file ("File" then "Import File") into the Excel Visual Basic Editor. Click "Run" on the VBA editor main menu to convert the XLS worksheet to DXF format.

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