How to Register a PS3 Remote

Updated April 17, 2017

Although the PlayStation 3 (PS3) is capable of playing DVD and Blu-ray discs, it is not always convenient to use the PS3 controller to control movies. Luckily, you can purchase a PlayStation 3BD remote that acts just as a television or DVD player remote would. First, however, you must register the PS3 remote with a game console.

Turn on the PS3 and the television. You will be greeted by the main screen. Scroll sideways using the left arrow key on the PS3 controller until you reach the "Settings" icon. Scroll down the vertical list using the down-arrow key on the PS3 controller until you reach the "Accessory Settings" icon.

Press the blue "X" button on the PS3 controller to select "Accessory Settings." Scroll down the vertical list using the down-arrow key on the PS3 controller until you reach the "Register BD Remote Control" icon. Press "X" once more to select.

Follow the on-screen instructions and press "Start" and "Enter" on the PS3 remote at the same time. You must hold both buttons together until the screen changes. When the registration is complete, the PS3 will assign a controller number to your remote and show you the battery level of your remote.

Press "Back" on the PS3 remote. You will notice that you are now controlling the menu with the remote instead of the PS3 controller. Use the arrow keys of the remote just as you would on a controller. Your PS3 remote is now ready to watch and control movies with.


The PS3 only allows registration of one remote at a time. If you register a new remote with the same PS3 console, it will overwrite your current registration. Likewise, the remote can only be registered to one PS3; if you register the same PS3 remote with a different console, the old registration will no longer be valid.


Only use the specific PlayStation 3BD remote control with the PS3 system. A regular DVD or television remote will not work.

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