How to Move Cards When Playing Solitaire on a Laptop

Updated February 21, 2017

Laptop computers provide convenient mobility, but when it comes to playing games, they're not always optimal. If you're used to playing solitaire on a desktop computer using a mouse, making the transition to a mouse-free laptop can be frustrating and affect your game for reasons that have nothing to do with your strategy and skill. To improve your laptop solitaire game, try using keyboard commands to move cards or master your track pad navigating skills by isolating and practicing the movements required for it.

Highlight a card using the arrow keys; they will automatically highlight when you open the program if you start pressing this keys on your keyboard. You will know which card is highlighted because the card icon will glow, have a dark box around it, change its colour or otherwise look different, depending on the program. Pressing the keys will move the cursor from the places where you can move or select cards, or to the card deck to turn up the next card.

Press "Enter" to select a card if you want to move it. Press "Enter" again if you want to deselect the card.

Highlight the place where you want to move the highlighted card while that card is still highlighted.

Press "Enter" to move the highlighted card to the new position to complete the play.

Position your thumb on the left click key and your forefinger on the track pad. This will allow you the best control of your card movements.

Practice dragging cards with the track pad. Hover your thumb above the left click key and move the cursor with the top of your fingertip as if you were fingerpainting. Click and hold the left click key with your thumb when the cursor is where you want it, then move the card with your fingertip. Practice moving the cards around in the lower half of the screen (moving them in this area won't affect your game).

Release the card by letting go of the left click key without moving your pointer finger. Practice this motion.

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