How to Reference MS Clip Art in Powerpoint

Any idea, quote, phrase or image used in a presentation should cite the source of the item. The exact format depends on which style you prefer or which style is required by the guidelines of the project. The most common styles are the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Modern Language Association of America (MLA). Microsoft PowerPoint offers a few different options for referencing Microsoft (MS) clip art in presentations.

Open your PowerPoint presentation, click "Insert," select "Clip Art" and search for the required image.

Hover the mouse over the desired image in the clip art selection panel, push the blue button and select "Preview/Properties" to see the provided information. Write down the author, title, source and date of the clip art if listed. Downloaded files may or may not include reference information.

Push the "Close" button on the "Preview" window and click on the image to insert it into the presentation.

Click in the region directly below the slide workspace area where it says "Click to add notes."

Type in the reference information according to the assigned style format. Substitute "MS Clip Art" for the author if none is listed and "n.d." if no date is listed.

Click on the "Office" symbol button, click "Print" and choose "Notes Pages" from the "Print what" drop-down menu to print the slides with the references and footnotes visible.


Always ask which formatting style is preferred when in doubt, APA or MLA. In general, APA format is used in scientific research and MLA is used for non-scientific presentations.

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