How to Unlock Nokia 1112 for Free

Updated March 23, 2017

To remove the network restriction from a cell phone, you need to use an unlock code. Once you've unlocked your Nokia 1112, you can use the hand-held device with any GSM network provider. Unlocking your cellphone also helps increase its resale value.

Contact the customer service department of your cellular network provider, for instance, AT&T or T-Mobile. You can find the helpline numbers on their websites.

Request an unlock code for your Nokia 1112 cell phone.

Provide the phone’s international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) number if the customer services representative asks for it. You should have the IMEI number ready beforehand. To find it out, press “*#06#” on the phone’s keypad. The customer services rep will most likely ask you the reason for requesting the unlock code. You can tell them that you want to switch to another carrier, or perhaps you’re travelling overseas and there’s no network coverage in the particular area that you’re visiting.

Allow the network carrier to generate the code for you. It could take a couple of business days.

Turn on your Nokia 1112 without any SIM card in it.

Compose the complete unlocking code as: “#PW+CODE+1#” where CODE is the unlock code you received from your network carrier. If this doesn’t work, try entering “#PW+CODE+7#.” The phone screen will display “SIM Restriction Off” if the phone has been successfully unlocked.

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