How to Clean a Samsung Flat Screen TV

Written by martin woodfield | 13/05/2017
How to Clean a Samsung Flat Screen TV
(Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)

With the improved picture quality of flat screen TVs comes a far more sensitive technology than that which made up the cathode ray tube televisions of the past. As such, cleaning marks and smudges from your Samsung flat panel television is a delicate process. Samsung includes microfiber cleaning cloths with most of its TVs. If you have such a cleaning cloth, attempt to clean you screen with it before moving forward with a more involved process.

Turn off and unplug your TV.

Go over the screen with soft, clean, dry and lint free cloth to remove any dust. Apply gentle pressure and try to remove any smudges with the dry cloth.

Wet the cloth with Isoprophyl Alcohol or, if your flat screen is a plasma television, ScreenClean cleanser. Do not apply any cleanser directly to the screen. Instead, apply cleanser to the cloth and apply the cloth to the screen.

Wipe gently over the screen until you have removed the marks and smudges and let the screen dry. When the screen is completely dry you can turn your Samsung flat screen TV back on.

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