How to Reset the Service Light on a 2003 Renault Laguna

Written by blaze johnson | 13/05/2017
How to Reset the Service Light on a 2003 Renault Laguna
(Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

The Renault Laguna is a French-made mid-size family car that debuted in the European market in 1994. After the 2000 model year, the Renault Laguna received a major chassis redesign and an all-new line of engine configuration options. If you decide to perform certain maintenance tasks required for your 2003 Renault Laguna, you may wish to reset the service light indicator after completing them. Resetting the service light is an easy task that you can complete without the aid of a mechanic or an authorised service centre.

Switch the vehicle’s ignition to the “ON” position.

Press the “Reset” button repeatedly until the “Spanner” icon on your instrument cluster begins to flash. The “Reset” button is located underneath the speedometer.

Hold the “Reset” button until the “Spanner” icon remains on and ceases to flash. Release the “Reset” button and switch the vehicle's ignition to the “OFF” position. This completes the reset process.

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