How do I Change a Headlight on a Jeep Cherokee?

Replacing the headlight bulb in your Jeep Cherokee is a little different from some cars. The bulb the Cherokee uses is an H6054 sealed beam. The sealed beam bulb is available from most auto parts stores and through a Jeep dealer, but you may find them in some of the larger department store chains if they have automotive departments.

Locate the four screws on the face of the trim bezel surrounding the headlight. Remove them with a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the bezel from the front of the Cherokee by pulling it straight out from the grill. Locate the two retaining ring screws and remove them with a Phillips screwdriver, then remove the retaining ring from the headlight bulb. Hold onto the bulb or it will fall out when you remove the ring.

Pull the bulb forward, disconnect the electrical connector from the rear of the bulb and then remove the bulb from the Jeep. Discard the old bulb and position a new bulb in place.

Push the electrical connector onto the terminals on the rear of the bulb, then slide the bulb into place in the headlight bucket. Position the retaining ring over the new bulb and install the two retaining ring screws, tightening them with a Phillips screwdriver.

Place the headlight bezel over the headlight bulb on the grill. Install the retaining screws and tighten them with a Phillips screwdriver. Repeat the process to change the second bulb if necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • H6054 headlight bulb
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