How to Make & Remove Capital Letters in Word Pad

Updated April 17, 2017

The Microsoft Word Pad program is a free program that comes with all Windows computers. Microsoft Word Pad is considered basic word processing software that will allow you to type information into a document. If you know how to make and remove capital letters in Word Pad, you are well on your way to being able to communicate via the Word Pad program. Capital letters are used for different reasons and knowing how to make and remove capital letters in Word Pad will make it less difficult to form paragraphs and sentences in Word Pad.

Open Word Pad. Click "Start" on the Windows desktop and then click again on "Accessories" and click on the "Word Pad" link to open up a new word processing document.

Type a word into the Word Pad document. If the word needs a capital letter in front of it, use your finger to hold down the "Shift" key when you type the first letter of the word.

Press the "Caps Lock" button on your keyboard if the whole word or sentence needs to be typed in capitals. This will allow you to continue typing without having to hold down the "Shift" key.

Remove the capital letter by using the "Backspace" button on your keyboard. Then type the letter or word that you need into the spot where the capital letter was.

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