How to Make Your Own Tanning Stickers

Updated February 21, 2017

Getting a tan can be a slow process, but regular use of tanning stickers will encourage you by giving you a peek at your progress. Besides monitoring your tan, you can use tanning stickers to create reverse temporary tattoos that some people find sexy. If the local tanning salon or beauty supply store does not sell these nifty stickers, then make your own. Create stickers in heart, round, diamond or any shape you like.

Select a cookie cutter-style die cut in a small size no larger than 2 inches wide. This could be a monogram, a heart or whatever shape you choose. Party supply and crafting stores have small, inexpensive die cutting machines and cookie cutter dies.

Lay the die you have chosen on the die cut tray. Place the sticker paper on top of it, sticker side down.

Position the cutting mat on top of the sticker paper. Slide the tray in the machine.

Turn the handle of the die cutting machine to move the tray through the machine.

Remove the tray and gently pop out the shape. Make as many stickers as you need by adjusting the die cut position and pushing the shape through.

Things You'll Need

  • Die cut
  • Sheets of sticker paper
  • Die cut machine
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