How to Reset a Samsung DVD Recorder

Written by kallie johnson | 13/05/2017
How to Reset a Samsung DVD Recorder
(Disk in the drive image by Sergey Galushko from

A Samsung DVD recorder records video onto blank DVDs that are intended for home use. A Samsung DVD recorder may need to be reset if you have forgotten the parental control password, if the machine is not working correctly or if you wish to clear all scheduled recordings and start fresh. Resetting the DVD recorder restores the factory settings. You will lose all stored information and will need to reset your scheduled recordings and the clock.

Turn on the DVD recorder by pressing the "Power" button.

Press the "Open/Close" button on the Samsung DVD recorder. Remove the DVD disc if one is in the player. Press the "Open/Close" button again to shut the door. This is important, as the DVD player will not reset if a DVD is in the machine.

Press and hold the ">>I" button, otherwise known as the "Search/Skip Forward" button, for five seconds. Release the button. The DVD recorder has now been reset.

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