How to Create Raffle Ticket Templates

Updated March 23, 2017

Selling raffle tickets is a simple and quick way to raise funds for an event or charity. These tickets commonly come in rolls or pre-printed sheets you can purchase from a printing company or an office supply store. But if you would prefer to create your own custom tickets, you can design a raffle ticket template yourself using a word processing or layout program.

Create a raffle ticket template in Microsoft Word. Word allows you to generate text boxes for this purpose. Simply create two separate text boxes—one for the main ticket and another smaller one for the stub—and place them side-by-side on a page. Enter your raffle ticket information inside of each of the text boxes, then copy and paste the boxes throughout the page to complete your template.

Make custom raffle templates in Adobe InDesign, a popular layout program designed for this type of work. Set the document to your desired size for the raffle ticket and enter your text and images to form the template. Create a new page for each new ticket. InDesign also allows you to create ticket numbers for each raffle ticket in your template using the "Auto Page Number" tool (located under "Type" and "Markers" on the main menu).

Use CorelDraw to layout the raffle ticket template. You can use the label design tool (located under "Page Setup" on the "Layout" menu) to create a raffle ticket template. For instance, if you choose a label template with four boxes in a row, the first and third boxes contain the raffle ticket while the second and fourth boxes represent the ticket stub. After choosing your desired label size, enter text and images to create the custom template, then print the document on card stock paper instead of label paper.


The Microsoft Office and Corel websites may also offer pre-designed raffle ticket templates if you don't want to create the template from scratch.

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