How to Program Toshiba Universal Remote

Updated April 17, 2017

Universal remotes can be programmed to control devices with remote connectivity. Universal remotes cancel the need for multiple remote controls, and allow users to control the entire multimedia set of a home with one remote control. The Toshiba is one of the many manufacturers of universal remote controls, distributed at electronics stores all over the United States, Canada and South Korea. Programming the Toshiba universal remote is a fairly simple process, as almost all universal remotes operate the same way.

Point the remote control at the television that is to be programmed. Hold the "set up" or "recall" button down until the top indicator light on the remote starts to blink rapidly. Press the "channel up" button and continue to tap the button until the channel moves on the television. Press the "set up" or "recall" button once more.

Repeat step two for DVD players, VCR players and CD players. Point the remote at the sound system for the media centre and repeat step one; however, replace the "channel up" with "volume up." Watch for a shift on the LCD screen or a change in volume and press "set up" or "recall."

Open the Toshiba universal remote instruction manual if the remote is an older model that does not have the same scan features as newer ones. Search the manual for the code section; this has columns of codes followed by the type of device attached to it. Press "set up" button until indicator light blinks.

Type in the code for the device desired into the remote using the channel key pad. Press "set up" once more and test the remote on the device. Make sure to use updated codes for newer devices if not included in the manual, which can be found on the Kioskia website.


Try buying universal remotes manufactured at the same time as the media equipment for the best compatibility.

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