How do I Download Music From iMesh?

Updated April 17, 2017

Downloading music safely, and legally, on the Internet is a difficult prospect at best. You can find several services that provide songs, but many require a monthly subscription. iMesh is a service that provides safe, free and legal music downloads using a secure peer-to-peer network for use on your computer. iMesh also gives you the option of purchasing individual songs or albums as MP3s or purchasing a subscription which allows you to use your free songs in an MP3 player.

Download and install iMesh software.

Register an account with iMesh.

Upon starting iMesh for the first time, you will be asked to register for an account. Follow the instructions and complete the iMesh new account registration. To manually register for a new account, open iMesh and click on "Menu" in the upper right corner, select "tools" and then "My Account Settings."

Search for music to download.

Open the iMesh software and click "Search" at the top of the page. Type what you are looking for into the search dialogue box; you can search by keyword, artist or song title. To the right of each search result is information about the song, including the available options for obtaining each song. You can download some songs for free or purchase as an MP3 or ringtone.

Browse for music to download.

Click "Discover" at the top of the page. Through Discover, you will be able to view newly released music, view popular albums and songs, view community playlists and can browse for music by mood or genre.

Download music to your computer.

Click "Download" to the right of the individual songs to download the song to your computer or click "Download" next to an album and the entire album will be downloaded and stored on your computer. To see where your downloads are being stored on your computer, in the upper right corner click "Menu," then click "Tools" and then "Library And Downloads."


You must register an account with iMesh before you can download songs.

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