How to print two double-sided separate word documents

Updated March 23, 2017

While using Microsoft Word, you may want to make your work more efficient by printing multiple documents at the same time, using the same settings. In this way you can set two or more documents to print with double-sided settings and then worry about something else until the whole job's done. Fortunately Word provides this functionality.

Make sure the files you want to print are all in the same directory.

Click "File," then "Open."

Select multiple files in the "Open" dialogue either by clicking and dragging or by holding down Ctrl and clicking each one.

Right click one of the selected files and click "Print."

Find the option in one of the "Print" dialogue box's tabs for double-sided or "duplex" printing. (The precise location can vary depending on your model of printer.) If no such option exists, your printer does not support automatic duplex printing, but you can still print double-sided documents with this method: select "Odd Pages" in the "Print" dialogue box, then print your documents. Reinsert the pages into your printer, but reverse them, so that the printer will now print on the opposite side of the page. This time, select "Even Pages" in the "Print" box.

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