How to Import a Picture Into Corel Paint X

Written by jenna miller | 13/05/2017

Corel Painter X is a program used to digitally emulate artistic brushes in a variety of media, including oils, acrylics and charcoal. Use several media in one piece to achieve various textures. To bring a photo into Painter to use as reference, make sure that the photo file is saved in .jpeg format. Note that importing an image into Painter is referred to as "placing a file" with the program itself, not as "importing an image."

Choose the "Place" option under the File menu.

Select the photo to use and choose "Open."

Set the options for the photo using the dialogue box displayed. Use this box to change aspects such as scale before placing the photo.

Select "OK" to place the photo in the centre of the document (the default position). To place the photo elsewhere on the page, click on the desired area. The photo will appear in the document on its own layer.


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