How do I Troubleshoot My Toshiba Laptop?

Updated February 21, 2017

Toshiba makes several different models of laptops such as the Satellite, Satellite Pro, Protege and Tecra. Each model has different capabilities addressing the different needs of laptop users. While Toshiba laptops make on-the-go computing very convenient for their owners, some laptop problems can prevent owners from completing their computer projects. Troubleshoot your Toshiba laptop with a few tips so you can get back to work and to finish your projects.

Remove or lessen the appearance of the grey line between dual displays on a Satellite or Tecra Toshiba laptop by lowering the display brightness and contrast. Go into the Control Panel, click "Display" and adjust the screen brightness. Click "OK."

Use screen savers and wallpapers with darker colours that will mask the grey line between dual screen displays.

Experiment with different Window and background display colours to mask the grey line between duel screen displays by opening the Control Panel, clicking "Appearance" and clicking several different colour schemes. Choose the colour scheme that hides the grey line best and click "Save."

Eliminate a "Wrong Machine" error message when trying to return your Toshiba Portege 300CT laptop to its factory settings by ensuring that you are using the correct Toshiba system discs.

Download the Toshiba DMI Update Utility for Notebook PCs (see Resource section). Follow the instructions to create a bootable system disc.

Place the bootable system disc you created in Step 2 into your DVD drive. Restart your computer, and boot it up by choosing this system disc in the BIOS list to restore your laptop model's identification information and factory settings.

Ensure that your backup tape drive is clean. Run a tape head cleaner to clear any debris from the tape drive that may be preventing recognition of the tape drive by the tape backup file.

Check Backup Help to ensure that your tape drive is recognised by Windows 95 Backup.

Make sure that the tape backup was made with Windows 95 Backup. Backup tapes made with previous versions of Microsoft Backup must be restored with the version that originally made the backup tape.

Press whichever function key the computer indicates to access your Toshiba laptop's BIOS when you turn the laptop on. Choose "Boot in Safe Mode." Try to restore your tape backup by clicking its file name in while running your laptop in Safe Mode.

Power down your Toshiba Satellite 2065 CDS laptop, and wait for the hard drive to stop spinning.

Power on your Toshiba laptop while pressing the "Backspace" key.

This message should appear on your laptop screen: "Warning: Can't restore Hibernated State."

Press any key to continue. The computer will complete the boot-up process and will no longer be in Hibernation Mode.

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