How to Become a Picture Framer Apprentice

Updated February 21, 2017

Picture framing is a deceptively difficult skill to master and requires a very steady hand. Framing a piece of artwork or a photograph is tough to do without harming it. You must be able to accurately manipulate the picture, keeping the edges safe from damage, then carefully apply a semi-permanent adhesive to keep the art firmly secured within the frame. Most professional picture framers started out as apprentices, generally doing between two and four years of on-the-job training with a master picture framer.

Search out a nearby framing company that specialises in pictures and artwork. Schedule a meeting to speak with one of the master framers about the job. Picture framing is a career path with few formal training options, so master framers are generally very excited to help people get started on their own framing careers.

Ask the picture framers you meet with if they have any apprenticeships open. Have them direct you to other framing businesses that may have openings. Apply for a part-time job at department stores that offer picture framing, and use this as a ground-level opportunity to learn about job skills needed.

Take classes in art preservation and art history to learn more about the techniques preservationists use to frame pictures properly. Begin your on-the-job training as an apprentice framer. Keep a small notebook on you at all times to jot down notes and observations. You may have to work for free as an apprentice until you have the experience to expertly mount a picture. Use this time to soak up as much information as possible about the profession.

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