How do I Remove a Skoda Felicia Car Stereo?

Updated July 20, 2017

The Skoda Felicia is a compact supermini that debuted in 1994. It was replaced by the popular Skoda Fabia, an official rally car of the World Rally Championship. The Felicia is affordable and very easy to maintain. Removing the stereo---which is the same for both models---and replacing it with an aftermarket one will provide a better sound system for the car. When the stereo does not work properly, it will also need to be removed in order to have a new one installed.

Park the Skoda on level ground.

Insert the European release keys into the top and bottom slots on one side of the stereo. This will loosen the Felicia's stereo, which is located in the centre console.

Insert the release keys into the top and bottom slots on the other side of the stereo. This will further loosen the stereo.

Pull and slide the stereo out from the centre console. Do this as carefully as possible.

Detach the wiring and the aerial (a small black component) from the back of the stereo to finish removing it from the Skoda Felicia.

Things You'll Need

  • European release keys
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