How to Hear a Sony USB Record Player Through Your Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

Sony manufactures a line of LP record turntables that can be played on a computer with a USB cable connection. The USB turntable comes with software on a CD that installs on the computer, creating an interface so the turntable can communicate with the PC for record playback. The software installation and connections to the computer take less than 10 minutes. All parts and equipment for connecting to the computer come with the Sony turntable.

Install the Sound Forge Audio Studio LE software on the computer by clicking the buttons that appear on screen during each stage of the installation. Restart the computer when finished.

Connect the USB cable from the port on the edge of the turntable to any available USB port on the computer.

Double-click the Sound Forge icon on the PC desktop to launch the turntable software.

Place a record on the Sony turntable and cue the tonearm over the grooves. The turntable starts spinning automatically.

Click the "Start" button in the lower left edge of the PC monitor to select "Control Panel" and click "Hardware and Sound." Click the "Sound" tab and choose "Recording." Under the recording options, select "USB Audio Codec" and click the box next to it to set this option as the default setting.

Click "USB Audio Codec" and select "Properties" to choose the "Advanced" tab. Select "2-Channel CD Quality" from the list of options and click "OK."

Lower the tonearm to the record to begin playback.

Adjust speaker volume on the computer to the desired level.


Click the "Record" button on the software screen during turntable playback to make a recording of the vinyl record while listening.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Vista or later OS
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