How to replace a fuse in the BMW 325i

When a fuse blows in your BMW 325i, you can replace it at home in minutes. Buy a set of assorted fuses from an auto parts retailer to ensure that you have spares on hand in the event that a fuse blows out. The fuse panel of the 325i is located in the rear of the glove compartment. There is a fuse diagram inside the fuse panel door in the event that you are unsure of the location of the fuse you need.

Remove the screws on each side of the fuse panel door, located inside the glove compartment, with a screwdriver.

Grasp the fuse in question with the fuse puller included in the fuse panel. Pull the fuse straight back out of the compartment.

Select a new fuse with the same amp rating as the one you removed. Insert the new fuse straight into the open slot.

Replace the fuse panel cover and tighten the screws.

Things You'll Need

  • Slotted screwdriver (flat-bladed)
  • Assorted fuses
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