How to Correct Vertical Lines on a Laptop Screen

Updated April 17, 2017

Vertical lines on an LCD screen are generally not something you want to see when you turn your laptop on. These lines could be indicative of a variety of issues, including connection problems. Although the vertical lines may need to be resolved by a professional computer technician, they might be something you can fix yourself.

Remove the display panel from your screen to check for connection issues. To remove the display panel, use a flathead screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws holding your screen in place. Release the plastic latches on the screen mask to remove it from the screen top cover. Remove any screws you see that connects the screen to the brackets or hinges.

Unplug the video cable from the connector, located on the back of the LCD screen. Wait a few moments, then plug it back in. If the lines are caused by a problem with the connection between the video cable and LCD, unplugging and plugging the cord back in may resolve the issue and make them go away.

Turn the laptop on and wiggle the video cable without touching the screen, if unplugging the cord didn't solve the problem. If the vertical lines are affected by moving the cord, there is likely an issue with the cord and it probably needs to be replaced.


If the vertical lines disappear when you touch the screen, there is likely a problem with the screen and it may need to be replaced. Take your laptop to a computer technician if you do not feel comfortable taking the display panel apart or you cannot resolve the vertical line issue.

Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
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