How do I use hair clippers at home?

Updated February 21, 2017

Using hair clippers at home is an economical way of cutting your hair short. You can also use them on others, including children, safely. Hair clippers come with a number of accessories and different guards that allow you to cut your hair to various lengths if you don't have the expertise to cut hair with scissors. Hair clipper features include ergonomic shapes, wireless charging and vacuum capabilities. The lubricating oil for maintenance is essential for the clippers to work well. Once you choose a pair of clippers, familiarise yourself with them before you put them to use.

Use the brush provided in the hair clipper kit to ensure that there is no residual hair left on the clipper teeth from a previous use.

Put a few drops of clipper oil on the clipper teeth. Switch on the machine momentarily so the oil is distributed evenly on the clipper teeth. This oil allows the clippers to cut hair smoothly.

Place a large dust sheet on the floor under the chair where you will be cutting hair. Place a large cloth over your shoulders and tuck it into the neck of your shirt.

Assess how much hair you want cut and choose the appropriate guards or spacers provided with the hair clippers. Attach the desired guard to the clippers ensuring that it is firmly in place. If the guard falls off, you may end up with a shorter haircut than you had planned.

You could always start cutting your hair with the longest guards and work your way down until you find the size that you want.

Spray just a little bit of water on your hair and comb your hair into the style in which it naturally grows.

Cut your hair with the clippers. Always begin at the back of the head and move up to the forehead. Always move the clippers against the natural direction of hair growth or else you will end up with an uneven haircut.

Stop and brush the hair off your clipper blades and guards throughout the hair cutting to process to ensure they work optimally the whole time. Apply more oil to the clipper blades if you are cutting a lot of hair.

Finish your haircut by attaching the shortest guards and trimming the hair around your ears and at the nape of your neck.


Clean the clippers as soon as you are finished cutting your hair. Apply another round of clipper oil and run the machine for a few seconds. This will keep the clippers in good condition. Practice on a mannequin head with false hair if you are unsure of using hair clippers on your own hair.


Never wet your hair too much as this can create clumps which, if the clippers can even get through them, will leave you with an uneven haircut. Always choose from the set of guards that came with the exact brand and model hair clippers you have, as different guard sets aren’t always the same length.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair clipper brush
  • Hair clipper oil
  • Hair clipper guards
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Comb
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