How to Glue Sequins to a Wedding Veil

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of bride, you may have elected to sew your own wedding veil. Even if you purchased a store bought veil, you may be looking for a way to embellish it with sequins. You always have the option to sew sequins on to your wedding veil, but you can glue them on with less work and time.

Lay out the veil on a flat working surface. Pick placement of sequins or sequin strips and lay in place.

Take a photo of the decorated veil. Before moving on to glue the sequins to the fabric of the veil, take a digital photograph of the design. You can use this as a guide to gluing the sequins on the veil.

Glue one sequin or sequin strip at a time. Place a drop of glue on the back of the individual sequins, one sequin at a time, and place on the spot of the veil where you want the sequin to go. Hold the sequin in place for one to two seconds until it adheres to the veil. If you are gluing strips of sequins on longer areas such as the hair comb that holds the veil in place on your head, run a line of the fabric glue in the middle of the strip, so that it runs the full length of the strip. Place the sequin strip on the veil. Apply pressure for one to two seconds until the sequin strip adheres to the fabric or area.


Be sure to allow the veil to dry overnight on a flat surface before moving it. This helps to ensure that the sequins are fully in place.


While you can choose to use a hot glue gun instead of fabric glue, the heat from the glue gun may melt the sequins or make it difficult to attach the sequins to the veil. Hot glue can also detach itself from certain fabrics or items in hot weather or other conditions (high humidity). Using fabric glue helps to ensure the sequins remain attached to the veil.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric glue (from local fabric or craft store)
  • Sequins of your choice (individual and strips)
  • Veil
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