How to Turn Off the Shift Lock on a Dell B130

Updated July 20, 2017

If Shift Lock is activated on your computer, it is possible that you accidentally turned on "Sticky Keys." Sticky Keys is a feature included in computers with Windows operating systems such as the Dell B130 laptop. Sticky Keys lets you do key combinations without needing to hold down multiple keys simultaneously. For example, if you turn on Sticky Keys, press the "Shift" key and let go, then press any letter key, that letter will be capitalised. The Sticky Keys function works for the "Shift," "Ctrl," "Alt" and the "Windows" control keys.

Press the "Shift" key five times. Your computer will make a notification sound and a dialogue box will appear.

Click the "No" button within the dialogue box to turn off Sticky Keys.

Turn on the Sticky Keys function by pressing the one of the designated Sticky Keys five times. This time, click the "Yes" button in the dialogue box.

Click the "Start" orb in the bottom-left corner of your desktop.

Click "Control Panel" in the Start menu, then click "Ease of Access."

Click "Ease of Access Center," then scroll down and click "Make keyboard easier to use."

Click in the check box next to "Turn on Sticky Keys." Placing a check mark will turn on Sticky Keys, removing it will turn Sticky Keys off.

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