How to Print a Thick Card on an Inkjet Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

Customising your own cards at home is a lower-cost option than having them created by a professional printer. By purchasing card stock at any office supply store, you can control the size, colour and background design of the cards. Because the card stock is much thicker than regular printing paper, there are several things to consider when printing the cards. For many inkjet printers, you will need to hand-feed each card sheet manually.

Open up your word processing program or graphics program that contains the information or image that you wan to print on the card.

Insert a regular piece of printer paper into the inkjet paper tray.

Click the print icon on your toolbar menu. Sometimes this is also accessible by clicking "File," then "Print." Click "OK" on the printer dialogue box.

Check the printed sheet to make sure that the images and text look the way you want them to llok. Take note of whether the image was face down or face up when it came out of the printer. In addition, notice whether the top of the image was away from the printer or near the printer.

Remove all other pieces of paper from the paper tray.

Click the print icon on your software program just as you did before. When the printer dialogue opens, click on the button that says "Properties" or "Setup."

Select the option labelled "Manual Feed." Select "Cardstock" under the paper settings. Click "OK" to exit from the print dialogue and begin printing.

Insert one sheet of card stock into the manual feed slot of the inkjet printer. The manual feed tray location varies by model, but typically looks like a slot in the side, front or back of the printer. Push the sheet in about a 1/4 of an inch until you feel the printer rollers grab it.

Wait until the printer finishes printing and ejects the card. Lay the card face up and allow it to dry for one to two minutes. Repeat the process to print any additional cards.


You can usually only print one card at a time using an ink jet printer. If your printer manual instructs you to place the card stock in the regular paper try, fan the card stock out with your fingers first to separate the sheets. Only place four or five pieces of card stock in the tray, with 20 sheets of regular printer paper under them.


Do not put multiple sheets of card stock into the inkjet printer at one time unless directed to do so by the user's manual. Do not stack additional cards on top of newly printed cards or the ink will smear. Do not attempt to print on cards that have creases or bent edges, as they will jam in the printer.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer paper
  • Card stock
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