How to Restore an Eee PC to Factory Settings

Updated April 17, 2017

An Eee PC is a computer that belongs to the netbook category and is made the computer manufacturer Asus. Like other netbooks, the Eee has many different options and settings that you change to suit your needs and personalise your PC to your personality. There are times that you may need to revert to the settings set on the computer when it was manufactured, so knowing how to restore the Eee to factory settings is very helpful.

Start up your Eee PC and watch the screen carefully to see when the BIOS screen comes up. The BIOS is the black screen with plain lines of text and no graphics.

Press the "F9" key on the keyboard as soon as you see the BIOS screen appear. Do not let go of the key until a new BIOS menu comes up.

Release the "F9" key and press the "Down Arrow" key until you have the "Restore Factory Settings" option highlighted.

Press the "Enter" key once you have the option highlighted. Let the Eee run until it indicates that the restore is complete.


If you sell your Eee PC to another user, you should restore it to factory settings before handing it over.


Restoring your PC will erase the contents of your hard drive, so you should back it up before you begin.

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