How to Attach a Wrist Corsage to a Wristband

Updated February 21, 2017

Corsages are beautiful floral arrangements that are worn on your wrists during special occasions and events. Purchasing a customised corsage from a wedding service, your local florist or special occasion stores can be expensive. If you have the flower portion of the corsage already made, attaching it to a wristband is the final step in completing your wrist corsage. With a few craft accessories, you can put the final touches on your corsage just in time for your special occasion.

Attach your finished wrist corsage to the wristband. Use a layer of florist's tape to temporarily bind the stems to the wristband.

Sew the stems of the flower and florist's tape of the corsage to your wristband using a needle and thread. If you have two mini-bouquets, layer them end-to-end so the stems and blooms overlap each other.

Carefully apply straight, tight stitching from the stems of the flower to your wristband. The heavier your corsage flowers are, the tighter the weaves need to be in order to support the weight of the corsage.


If you don't have needle and thread, you can glue your wrist corsage to a wide ribbon using florist glue.


Limit the amount of flowers on your corsage. Heavier corsages will be harder to sew onto your wristband and may cause your arrangement to sag on your wrist.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Florist's glue
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