How to Copy Contacts to the SIM Card on a BlackBerry Curve

Updated April 17, 2017

The BlackBerry Curve has a removable SIM card, which can hold any information you save to it. By default, however, the BlackBerry Curve automatically stores your phone contacts to its internal memory. This means that if you were to switch phones, all of your names, phone numbers and addresses would be lost. If you save this information to your SIM card though, you can easily replace your new phone's SIM card with your BlackBerry Curve SIM card, transferring your information in a few easy steps. Copying your contacts to your SIM card can be done, but it's a rather laborious process.

Turn on your BlackBerry Curve and navigate to your address book.

Scroll through your contacts and highlight one that you want to save to your SIM card. Click the trackball.

Click "Menu," then "Save to SIM Phone Book." Press "Menu" once more, followed by the "Save" button.

Repeat this process for all remaining contacts you want to copy to your SIM card.

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