How to Open a Bottle of Beer With a Bottle of Water

Updated February 21, 2017

There are several ways to open a beer bottle if a bottle opener is not available. From lighters to other plastic objects, you can use leverage and pressure to remove the bottle cap of a beer bottle. It is imperative to apply enough pressure to pop the cap off without damaging the glass, so plastic is the preferred material for this action. Using a filled or sturdy water bottle is required to assure that the cap is fully removed.

Find a full water bottle. Due to the amount of force it will take to pop the cap off of the bottle of beer, you will need a full, unopened water bottle or a full water bottle with a tight cap. The bottle could have been opened, but it must be full.

Grip the beer bottle by the neck tightly with your dominant hand. Hold the bottle by the neck as close to the top as possible as you will be using the bottle of water in a levered motion to remove the cap. Keep your thumb closest to your chest as this will give you the best overall grip and help prevent the beer bottle from slipping out of your hand onto the floor.

Wedge the water bottle under the lip of the beer bottle cap while simultaneously touching the cap against the neck. Hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle in order to get enough leverage to pop the cap off. Make sure your fingers are close together on the water bottle as you will need all the strength of your hand to pop the cap off of the beer bottle.

Press the water bottle against the cap with a quick upwards motion while keeping the bottle firm, in the upright position. The bottle cap should come off due to the physics of leveraging. Plastic bottles prevent the glass of the beer bottles from being damaged. Using anything but plastic may result in glass breakage and possibly, severe injuries.


Only use plastic water bottles to attempt this and use a bottle opener when available as they are designed to quickly and easily remove a beer bottle cap.

Things You'll Need

  • Water bottle
  • Beer bottle
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