How to Open the Case on a Sony VAIO Laptop

If you need to make any alterations to the working components of your laptop, you must first get inside the laptop casing. Unlike desktop computers, which generally have a back panel that is held in place with just screws and can be removed by taking the screws out, laptop cases have slightly more complicated opening procedures. To open the case on a Sony Vaio laptop, you have to remove many of the external parts, so you shouldn’t attempt it unless you are comfortable with putting the laptop back together.

Flip your Sony Vaio laptop onto its top, so that the bottom of the unit faces up. Remove all of the screws in the bottom of the laptop casing. Multiple screws are usually around the perimeter of the laptop and several additional screws are usually in the middle of the bottom casing.

Place your hand on the bottom of the laptop and flip it upright. Try lifting the top of the laptop away from the bottom. With some Sony Vaio’s, the bottom of the laptop comes away from the top as soon as all of the screws have been removed.

Open the laptop and remove the keyboard if the bottom of the laptop doesn’t come away from the rest of the unit. To remove a Sony Vaio laptop keyboard, locate the latches across the top of the board and press each one in with a flathead screwdriver to pull it out from under the edge of the casing. Once the latches have been undone, tilt the computer toward you until the keyboard falls out.

Remove any screws that you find beneath the keyboard. The bottom of the laptop should now come loose, giving you access to the hard drive and any disc drives in the unit.

Remove the plastic covers at each corner around the computer screen. Unscrew each of the screws beneath the plastic covers.

Pry the casing around the screen away from the unit carefully. Start at the bottom and use a flathead screwdriver to remove the casing. Pull the casing toward you gently, moving around the perimeter of the screen a little at a time.

Remove the laptop screen if you need to replace it or work on it. Once you remove the casing around the screen, the screws holding the screen in place are revealed, and the screen can be removed by simply unscrewing these screws.


The screen, the keyboard and any other working components of your laptop connect to each other and the hard drive with wires. When you take apart a laptop, you must be careful to keep these wires connected or risk permanently damaging your laptop.

Things You'll Need

  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Small flathead screwdriver
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