How to Make Wooden Lead Weight Molds

Wooden lead weight moulds are used to make homemade car wheel weights and sinkers for fishing. The process requires carving an indentation in two pieces of wood directly across from one another. You then cut a hole or sprue to pour the molten lead. Either new or reclaimed lead is melted and poured into the mould. The lead hardens for 15 to 20 minutes and then it is released from the mould. Make an inexpensive lead mould at home using two pieces of pine two-by-fours.

Draw a 4-by-6 inch rectangle on a piece of paper. Mark the two 4-inch ends in the middle at 2 inches. Match the marks and make a line across the centre of the paper.

Draw the outside shape of three weights on the centre line. Make sure to centre the three shapes across the rectangle.

Find the centre of each shape and draw a line from the top of the shape to the top of the rectangle. Measure 1/4 inch from both sides of all three lines and place small marks.

Measure 1/8 inch from both sides of the line extending from the top of the shape. Do this directly at the top of each shape. Place a mark at each location.

Use a ruler and connect the 1/4-inch mark and the 1/8-inch mark above each shape to form a tornado shape that extends from the top of each weight to the top edge of the paper.

Cut out the tornado shape and the weight shape as one piece. Do this on all three drawn weight areas.

Line the top edge of the cut out piece of paper with the top edge of one piece of two-by-four. Trace around the cut out shape and transfer the design to the 4-inch side of the two-by-four. Repeat the process with the other two-by-four.

Use a craft knife, pocket knife and small cupped wood carving gouge to cut and carve out the weight designs in both pieces of the wood. Carve out the tornado funnel shape so it is approximately 1/8 inch deep. Note: Each piece of two-by-four makes up one half of the weight. Carve deep enough in each side of the mould to create the desired width wheel weight.

Place the two pieces of two-by-fours together and line up the tornado shaped funnels. Secure the wood together with heave rubber bands. Place the mould next to the lead melting area.


The process involves melting the lead and pouring it into the mould. The lead then sets and the mould is removed. The tornado shape is broke or cut off the top of the lead weight. The tornado shape is then remelted and used for the next batch of weights.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • 2 pine two-by-fours, 6-inches long
  • Small curved wood carving gouge
  • Craft knife
  • Pocket knife
  • Heavy rubber bands
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