How to Troubleshoot an Acer Laptop Card Reader

Updated February 21, 2017

Acer, the inexpensive, Windows-based computer company, produces a wide range of laptop systems. Many of these systems have a built-in card reader. Card readers detect and upload content saved on external memory cards, such as the popular SD card. However, if the Acer card reader is not properly reading the memory card, you must troubleshoot to determine what exactly is causing the problem.

Look over the memory card. On the side is a small, plastic switch. Make sure this switch is pushed down. If it isn't, it means the card is in write-protect mode, preventing anyone from accessing content on the card.

Slide the memory card into the card reader with the label facing up. If the label is facing down, the Acer laptop card reader is unable to access the information stored on the memory card.

Shut down the Acer laptop, leave it off for a while, then power it back on. Occasionally, the Acer laptop will power on incorrectly, causing some of the hardware to not function. Restarting the computer corrects this issue.

Click the "Start" button, followed by "(My) Computer." Look to see if any removable device is listed. If some is, it means the computer is detecting the card, even if the system didn't state it had detected a new removable device.

Reinstall the drivers for the Acer card reader. If the drivers are missing, the computer is unable to detect the card. Log on to the Acer website, select "Support," click the option "Drivers and Downloads," then choose the Acer laptop model you are running and the operating system, and look through the provided list of drivers until you find the card reader option. Click the download link to download the drivers to the computer. Once they are on the computer, double-click the drivers to load the installation wizard. Follow the prompts of the installation wizard to completely set up the card reader drivers.

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