How do I Convert MP3 to WMA?

Updated July 19, 2017

An MP3 file is the most common standard of digital audio compression for various digital audio players. Occasionally, you may want to convert MP3 files you have downloaded from online music vendors to Windows Media Audio, or WMA, to run on Microsoft media players. To do this, you will need software capable of converting MP3 to WMA.

Go to or and type "MP3 to WMA converter" in the search box. Both URLs will redirect to the same website. is a trusted website for finding freeware, shareware and pay software. You can search "MP3 to WMA converter" in Google to find software, but provides product reviews and products guaranteed to be free of spyware, malicious software and viruses.

Scroll through the list of options. For each software, there will be a User Review and most of the time an Editor Review, which comes with a rating of one to five stars. The User Review is voted on by people who have used the software, and the Editor Review is voted on by the managers of the website. Use this to judge the quality of the software and make your choice. Look for a piece of software with a straightforward title such as "MP3 to WMA converter," to ensure the software matches the intended use. Filter results by "free," "free to try" and "purchase."

Click the title of the program. Read the specs on the right side of the page under the label "Quick Specs." Check that the specs match those of your operating system.

To check your operating system, right-click "My Computer" or "Computer" from the Start Menu in the lower left-hand corner of your screen in Windows operating systems. Click "Properties." This will give you your operating system specifications.

Check the size of the program, located next to "Download Now," with a number in parentheses and a K or MB at the end of it, representing how many kilobytes or megabytes the program takes up. Make sure you have enough space for the program.

To check your available space, open "My Computer" from the Start Menu, and right-click your primary hard drive, most commonly called "C:". Click "Properties." This will tell you how much free space you have.

Double-click the downloaded file to run through the steps and install the program.

Run the program. Most programs have similar interfaces. For example, "Switch Sound File Converter" and "Free WMA to MP3 Converter" each have a button to "Add Files."

Click "Add Files" and browse to find the MP3 files you want to convert.

If the program specifies, make sure the output format is WMA. You will not need to do this for programs specifically made to convert MP3s to WMAs. For programs designed to convert MP3s to multiple audio formats, look for a box that says "Output Format," with an option to scroll for the proper format. Select WMA. Click "Start" or "Convert" to complete the conversion process.

Things You'll Need

  • PC with Windows XP or higher
  • Conversion software
  • 1 to 7 megabytes of free storage space, depending on software
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