How to Test Clone Golf Clubs

There is a misconception that clone golf clubs are cheap imitations of brand name clubs. This is totally inaccurate. The material used to make the clubs is high quality with special attention given to not infringe on brand name patents. Similar material is used to produce the clubs. The cost is kept down by charging only for the cost of the material and labour; there are no promotional costs associated with each club. This keeps the cost of a clone golf club reasonable for the average person to purchase. Test a clone golf club no differently than any other club.

Select a set of clone clubs. Take the seven, eight and nine irons from the clone golf clubs to the testing area at the store.

Position yourself in an upright standing position on the practice mat and aim the swing toward the practice field. Take several normal swings and feel the weight of the club in the top and bottom of the swing. Do not hit the ball at this point.

Place the golf ball directly on the practice mat. Position yourself into a normal golfing swing position. Hit two to three balls into the practice field using the seven iron. Watch and feel how the club is handling and whether the ball is attaining the desired loft. Note the distance each ball is travelling. Repeat the process with the other two clubs. Write down the distance results from each club.

Select another set of clone clubs. Take the seven, eight and nine iron to the practice area. Hit several balls with each club. Take special notice of how the club feels. Write down the distance of each hit ball. Repeat the process with a total of three sets of clone clubs. Make any notes along the way on how the clubs feel.

Review the distance results and any other comments. Make the decision from among the three sets tested on which one is the most desirable.


A set of clone golf clubs is not always chosen on the first visit. Return and test more sets on another day. Do not attempt to test more than three sets a day. The body does not move the same after testing three sets, and the test results will turn out inaccurate. Many golf establishments have a netted area to test clubs rather than an outside testing range. Use the same procedure to test the clubs by hitting into the practice net.

Things You'll Need

  • Clone golf club
  • Practice mat
  • Golf balls
  • Testing area
  • Paper
  • Pencil
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