How do I Fit a Graphics Card on a Dell Dimension 9200 Desktop?

Updated April 17, 2017

No matter the size of the graphics card, the Dell Dimension 9200 desktop has the slots to fit the card. Graphics cards connect to the computer using PCI slots. However, faster interfaces have emerged, and many graphics cards now use PCI Express. There are different sizes of PCI Express. The Dell Dimension 9100 has three different PCI Express sizes, one each for x1, x4 and x16.

Lay the computer on its left side, then pull the tab on the top of the computer near the back.

Rotate the top of the right-side panel of the computer away from the computer and remove the panel.

Push the tab at the bottom of the "L" shaped card retention mechanism, then rotate the mechanism up.

Press the two release tabs for the card holder door together, then rotate the door outward. The card holder door is located just inside the back of the computer where the PCI slots are (in the bottom right corner of the computer). The release tabs are on the inside of the door.

Slide the graphics card into the PCI or PCI Express slot. Align the side of the graphics card with the gold tabs into the slot, then push down on the card firmly to seat it properly in the slot.

Rotate the card retention door back into the computer until it clicks into place, then do the same with the "L" shaped card retention mechanism.

Replace the right-side panel.


Unplug the computer before working on the inside. Touch a piece of metal to avoid damage from static shock.

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