How Do I Use Jabra EarGels?

Updated December 12, 2017

The Jabra EarGels are designed to fit onto Bluetooth devices. The EarGels secure the Bluetooth in your ear without the use of ear loops, which can be painful after awhile. The soft ear inserts are available in several sizes, colours and shapes. Choose the one that best fits your ear and your Bluetooth. If the EarGel is the wrong size, the Bluetooth may fall out of your ear.

Fit the Jabra EarGel onto your Bluetooth by sliding it onto the Bluetooth's earbud. If there is already a gel of some sort attached, slide it off. Slide the Jabra EarGel on.

Position the EarGel with the hole matched to your ear canal. If inserted correctly, the narrower point of the ear piece will fit into the fold above your ear canal; the thicker part will be right below. If this position is opposite, you are using it on the wrong ear.

Turn the Bluetooth slightly until the Jabra EarGel is locked into place. The EarGel is designed to fit your ear comfortably and securely.

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