How to Disable the McAfee Proxy Service

Written by joshua benjamin | 13/05/2017
How to Disable the McAfee Proxy Service
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The McAfee Proxy is downloaded to your computer when you install the McAfee Antivirus suite of applications. The service can often block certain Windows functions--such as those needed by Outlook to function--and this in turn can bring instability to your operating system. Fortunately, it's not a complicated process to go in and disable the McAfee Proxy service.

Click the "Start" button and type "Services.msc" into the Start Search box.

Press the "Enter" key to start the Services dialogue box. This box contains a list of all the services currently active and enabled on your operating system.

Scroll down the list until you find the "McAfee Proxy" service entry.

Right-click the "McAfee Proxy" entry and select "Stop." This will stop the service if it is currently running.

Right-click the entry again, select "Properties" and then change the "Startup Type" menu to "disabled." This will prevent McAfee Proxy from starting up again when you restart Windows.

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