How to make crow decoys

Updated April 17, 2017

Crows are very intelligent birds. It is a synanthropic species, which means it has adapted to live in human ecology, and it can be found almost anywhere in the world humans are found. In most areas, crows are considered a pest. Crow hunting is a common way to help control the crow population in an area. A crow's intelligence makes it difficult to hunt and many hunters use crow decoys to help in the endeavour. While a single decoy can be effective, it is best to use multiples, often a dozen or more.

Bend the hook end of the wire hanger so that it is straight. Bend the rest of the wire hanger into the shape of a crow. The shape does not need to be perfect.

Ball up a black trash bag or a similar amount of black material and stuff it into the hanger where the body of the crow would be. Black fabric or paper could also be used. Don't use too much material. The crow shouldn't look fat, but it should have some bulk.

Wrap electrical tape around the wire hanger and the material. Wrap it around the entire shape until it is completely black and there is no empty space in the crow shape.


The straight end of the wire hanger is used to mount the decoy. It can be pushed into the ground or wrapped around a branch to hold the decoy in place.


Crows have incredible memories and will learn quickly. Most crows will not fall for the same decoys twice in a row. Making decoys in different shapes and sizes will help a little, but don't be hasty when hunting crows and wait until you're sure you can get as many as possible before firing.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire hangers
  • Black trash bags
  • Electrical tape
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