How Do I Use Cornstarch to Relieve an Itchy Skin Rash?

When you have an itchy skin rash that drives you to distraction, soothe the itching with natural remedies. Cornstarch, with its natural soothing properties, can effectively relieve itching. Whether you dust the affected areas lightly to relieve the itch or you bathe in it, try cornstarch as a natural and inexpensive home remedy.

Fill the bathtub approximately half full with warm water.

Add 0.227kg. of cornstarch to the bath water (approximately three-quarters of a 340gr. box), sprinkling the cornstarch evenly over the surface of the water.

Swirl the water around with your hands to mix the cornstarch into the water and dissolve it completely.

Bathe in the cornstarch water for 15 to 20 minutes, making sure the areas of your body where you have the rash are under the surface of the water.

Rinse your body with clean water and dry your body well when you finish bathing.

Dust the rash with a light layer of cornstarch after drying off.

Dress lightly, keeping your clothing off the rash to prevent the clothing from irritating the rash. For example, if the rash is around your midsection, do not wear trousers with a tight waistband.

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