How Can I Cut My Own Long Hair So That it Falls Into a V-Shape?

Updated March 23, 2017

A V-shape cut gives long hair graduated layers and provides movement. V-shape haircuts work well for curly or wavy hair. You don't have to visit an expensive salon to get a V-shape haircut, you can do this flattering haircut yourself. Cutting your own hair removes any worry of scissor-happy stylists chopping too much of your long hair. Learn how you can skip the hair salon and cut your own hair into a V-shape to save money.

De-tangle your hair; then part it down the middle in two sections.

Use a ponytail holder to hold one section of hair.

Comb the loose section of hair over your shoulder past your chest. Comb your hair with your head straight forward for a slight V-shape cut; tilt your head back for a medium V-shape cut or look towards the ceiling for a deep V-shape cut.

Gather the ends of your hair and hold them between your index and middle finger with one hand, while you hold the scissors with the other hand. Slide your fingers down to the point where you want to cut your hair or tie a piece of string around your body where you want your hair to fall.

Hold your ends firmly--make sure hairs don't slide out from your grasp--and bring your ends closer to your line of sight before making the cut.

Trim the ends of your hair and try to make them as even as possible. Repeat this process for the other section of hair.

Comb all of your hair to one side when you are done and trim any strands that are longer than the rest of your hair. Gather your hair on the other side and trim any longer strands.


Make sure your middle part is directly in the middle of your head or you will end up with an uneven V-shape.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Ponytail holder
  • Comb
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