How Do I Use Scruples Blazing Hair Color?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Scruples Blazing Highlighting and Color System is used by professionals at salons to create dramatic highlights and vibrant colour without using the high-level lifting developers that damage hair. You don't have to be an expert hairdresser to use Scruples, though. With patience and attention to the directions, you can give yourself--or your friends--beautiful highlights at a fraction of the salon price.

Consult the Scruples Color Reference Wheel to determine the correct formulation of your hair colour. Compare your natural hair colour to the colour wheel, and the colour wheel will tell you the correct product ratios for mixing your new hair colour.

Measure the amount of X-tra Light Booster concentrate referenced in the colour wheel in your 5-gram measuring cup, and pour into your mixing bowl.

Measure the colour reference chart's recommended amounts of Blazing Color Gel and Blazing Oil Lightener into your measuring cup.

Pour the Blazing Color Gel and Blazing Oil Lightener into the mixing bowl with the X-tra Light Booster until they are blended together.

Measure out Pure Oxi Clear Developer, based on the colour wheel chart guidelines.

Pour the developer into the bowl with the other ingredients, and mix gradually.

Put on plastic gloves, and wrap an old towel around your neck to protect your hands and clothing from the mixture's chemicals.

Divide your hair into four sections, and secure with claw clips.

Using the applicator, work the mixture through the four sections of your hair. Avoid letting the mixture come into contact with your scalp.

Put a loosely-fitting shower cap over your hair, and set your timer for 25 minutes.

Check the lightening effect the mixture is having on your hair. You can leave the mixture on for up to 45 minutes if results are not achieved after 25 minutes, but you need to check your hair every five minutes to ensure that your hair is not overdeveloping.

Rinse the product from your hair.

Discard the extra mixture components by rinsing them down the drain.

Wash your hair with Scruples Renewal Color Retention Shampoo.

Follow your shampoo with Scruples Renewal Color Retention Conditioner.


The Scruples process works best if you have less than 75 per cent grey hair. If you have chemically straightened or dyed hair, do a strand test before applying the product to your entire head to make sure you'll be happy with the results.


Do not attempt to reuse any leftover product at a later date. Do not leave the mixture in your hair for more than the recommended time of 45 minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Scruples Color Reference Wheel
  • Blazing X-tra Light Booster
  • Blazing Color Gel
  • Blazing Oil Lightener
  • Pure Oxi Clear Developer
  • Plastic gloves
  • 5-gram scoop
  • Mixing bowl
  • Applicator
  • Claw hair clips
  • Shower cap
  • Timer
  • Towel
  • Scruples Renewal Color Retention Shampoo
  • Scruples Renewal Color Retention Conditioner
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