How to Record Video Onto a Memory Stick

Updated March 23, 2017

Though it may seem like a simple trick, many cellphone users find it pretty confusing to record videos onto the phone's external memory card. This is especially true for cellphone models, such as Nokia cellphones, which do not prompt users prior to recording the video to specify the destination memory where the video is to be saved. On other cellphone models, such as Sony Ericsson phones though, users are typically prompted prior to start of recording to choose the memory (phone or external) that is to be consumed.

Record a small video on your phone to see if your cellphone prompts you to select the memory that is to be consumed for recording the video. If you get the message, select external memory card as destination folder. If you do not find this message, you will have to manually select the external memory card as default storage for your cellphone.

Specify the external memory card as the default memory prior to recording the video. Press "Menu" key and go to "Messaging" > "Options" > "Memory." On some phones, you will find the "Memory" folder in the "Tools" or "Settings" folder.

Open the "Memory" folder. Here, you will find two options: phone memory and external memory. Select "External Memory" to select it as default storage for your phone.

Start recording the video. Your vide will now record to the external microSD card of your phone.


Another option is to record the video in your phone memory and then transfer it to the external memory stick via USB data cable connection. Connect the phone with your PC and transfer the video to your PC first. Then, copy the video from the PC to the memory stick after inserting the stick into the PC's memory card reader.

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