How do I Connect External Speakers to Samsung 650 LCD?

Written by eoghan mccloskey | 13/05/2017
How do I Connect External Speakers to Samsung 650 LCD?
Using an external speaker system with your LCD TV. (speaker image by gajatz from

Using external speakers with your television is a popular way of enhancing your TV-watching experience. Most TVs do not have direct speaker output connections, but rather must be connected to a speaker amplifier that controls the speaker volume. The good news is that connecting external speakers to a television like the Samsung 650 LCD could not be simpler.

Determine what type of connection to use. There are several different ways to connect your TV to your speaker system. One is to use RCA cables from the audio output on your TV to the RCA audio in connection on your speaker system. For superior sound quality, you can use an optical audio cable or HDMI cable if your speaker amplifier allows for those connection options. Once you have decided what type of cable to use, purchase it and you are ready to connect the speaker amplifier to your television.

Connect your TV to your speaker system. For RCA connections, simply connect one end of the RCA cables from the audio output on the television to the RCA audio input on the speaker system amplifier, making sure that the colours match (red cord into red port, white cord into white port).

Check audio functionality. Turn on your TV and tune the speaker amplifier to the input into which you connected the RCA cables and check to see if the audio is outputting through the speaker system. If not, check the connections again, try a different set of RCA cables or contact either Samsung or the manufacturer of the speaker amplifier for further assistance.

Connect using an HDMI cable. To use an HDMI connection, you will need to connect an HDMI cable from a Blu-ray player, digital cable box or other HD device to the HDMI input on your speaker amplifier. Tune the speaker amplifier to the HDMI input and you should now hear HD-quality audio coming through the speaker system.

Things you need

  • RCA, optical or HDMI cables to connect TV to speaker system

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