How to Create a Faux Fireplace

Updated November 21, 2016

Fireplaces create a main focal point in a room.They are pleasing to the eye with their warm glow and dramatic architecture. If a fireplace is not present, one can easily create a faux fireplace to achieve the same pleasing and aesthetic affects. Another benefit of having a faux fireplace is that it is easier to maintain than a real fireplace, because there is no chimney that has to be kept clean. Creating a faux fireplace will help to transform a room into a cosier and more inviting space.

Measure the available wall space to decide where to place the new faux fireplace. Write down the measurements on a sheet of paper. Use the pencil to draw markings on the wall's area that will be designated for the faux fireplace.

Find a mantel that fits the recorded measurements. An old vintage mantel can be found at a salvage yard or a new and stylish fireplace mantel may be purchased at a home improvement store.

Place a piece of precut fiberboard on the floor where the faux fireplace will be set. This board will become the new faux fireplace's hearth.

Arrange tiles of your choice on fiberboard and then fill in the lines between the tiles with a tile sealant.

Purchase a mirror that is a few inches larger in width and length then the opening of the mantel. This will ensure that the mirror will remain secure behind the mantel. Set the mirror against the wall and onto the middle of the fireplace hearth.

Place the mantel in front of the mirror. Drill a 3-inch wood screw through both the left and right top corners of the mantel and into the wall studs.

Stand a fireplace safety gate or screen in front of the hearth and then place candles on the tiles of the hearth to create a soft and flickering glow. Place decorative stones or rocks around the candles to help keep them in place and catch any wax drippings.


Make sure that the safety screen in front of the faux fireplace is secure. Use large candles that are wider and taller in size, as they will have a longer burn time. Candles made from all-natural beeswax are an excellent choice because they have a very high melting point and do not emit toxic soot. Laying ceramic tiles onto the fireplace hearth will make the hearth heat resistant and easier to clean.


Never leave children unsupervised near the faux fireplace when candles are lit. Do not use small candles because they will melt very quickly and could become a fire hazard.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring Tape
  • Precut fiberboard
  • Tiles
  • Tile sealant
  • Mirror
  • 2 wood screws, 3 inches
  • Drill
  • Candles
  • Stones or rocks
  • Fireplace screen
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