Make your own clothes wringer from a mop bucket

Updated February 21, 2017

A clothes wringer is used to remove excess water from a garment after washing or when it is soaked with water. The device is made up of two rollers that move toward each other, and as the clothes are passed through the rollers, they force the water out that drops to the floor below it. By making your own clothes wringer from a mop bucket, you can enjoy the ease and convenience of a manual wringer and save cleanup time by having the drained water gather in the bucket.

Loosen the nuts on the back of the wringer to make the mounting openings wider.

Set the wringer over the edge of the bucket by fitting the bucket into the opening on the underside of the wringer. This is the area you made wider by loosening the nuts.

Place the wringer so the rollers are held over the bucket and position it at the height you want it to be. Hold the wringer in place with your hand when you have decided on a position.

Tighten the nuts on the back of the wringer as tightly as you can to secure it to the bucket. You need to close the wringer nuts as far as possible because when you wring out the clothes you will be applying a lot of pressure and will need a steady hold on the bucket.


Use backward and forward movements to wring out clothes, rather than making complete circles, for a more thorough wringing.


Do not wring clothes for long periods of time if you have back problems, as you will be in a lot of pain when the work is done.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket-mount clothes wringer
  • Mop bucket
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