How to Replace a Fiat Punto Headlight

Written by angelo elia | 13/05/2017
How to Replace a Fiat Punto Headlight
Note the stylish front end of the Fiat Punto. (phare image by reynald lassire from

Europe's fifth best-selling car, the compact and stylish Fiat Punto, is equipped with many distinctive headlight features. The Punto has a bold front end with fog lights that blink automatically when changing lanes, including the "Follow me home" headlights system, with headlight bulbs that remain illuminated during the dark as the driver exits the vehicle. Replace the headlights in a few easy steps.

How to Replace a Fiat Punto Headlight
Open the bonnet of the Punto to gain access to the headlights. (Red cars image by Avesun from

Open the bonnet of the Punto.

Remove the two bolts located above the headlight and the bolt located at the side of the headlight, using a ratchet wrench counterclockwise.

Gently pull out the headlight, and pull and disconnect the peg located behind the headlight.

Pull and disconnect the wiring from behind the headlight, and remove the headlight from the Punto.

Repeat the steps in reverse on the Punto to assemble the new headlight.

Things you need

  • Ratchet wrench

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